The Garage Legal offers free online or in-person consultations to entrepreneurs and founders of start-up companies within Montreal’s community by students in law. Our clients can count on ongoing support from our team.

The Garage Legal’s team is made up of law students who have demonstrated an interest in entrepreneurship and who are able to identify the needs of our clients as well as carry out the research required to answer their questions. In fact, student volunteers have received prior training and have taken certain law courses relevant to entrepreneurial causes, such as business law and intellectual property.

To use the services of the Garage Legal, a company must have passed the stage of simple idea. In this sense, a product or service must have been developed. In addition, a business plan must have been drawn up and the entrepreneurial vision must be precise. Finally, the company must not have reached a point in its development where the sophistication of its legal needs exceeds the means of the Garage Legal's students.

We are committed to making our services accessible to a large number of entrepreneurs. Since its launch, the Garage Legal has served hundreds of clients. Their testimonies demonstrate the positive impact of our services on young companies.

Our goal for the next year is to support 100 entrepreneurs in the process of demystifying the legal environment surrounding business start-ups and entrepreneurship. We then wish to double this number and thus fulfill our mission of promoting access to justice and legal information within the Quebec entrepreneurial community. It goes without saying that the support of our partners plays an essential role in achieving our mission.


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