Mission, Vision and Values


The Garage Legal’s mission is to offer continued support by law students to young Quebec entrepreneurs that do not have access to legal services as well as an access to free legal information. From this perspective, the Garage Legal is a gateway for entrepreneurs to access legal information. It is important to outline that our team of law students may not give legal advice or opinions. When the legal needs of our clients exceed the means of the students, the Legal Garage offers a preparation service prior to the clients’ meeting with a lawyer during which the students help them target the relevant questions and review together the documents that should be gathered for the consultation.

Even if entrepreneurship is in the heart of our daily lives and though young enterprises contribute significantly to the economic development of our society, there are very few resources to guide entrepreneurs through the various legal aspects surrounding the launch of a business. This lack of resources results in a real obstacle to access to justice and legal information.

The Garage Legal is not only designed to support the development of start-up companies, but  it also contributes to the training of law students by introducing them to the realities  of today’s market. By pairing early academic training of future law practitioners to entrepreneurs, the Garage Legal seeks to help young players put into practice their academic skills and innovate to become leaders in their field and their community.


Innovation - Our vision of entrepreneurship and its legal aspect is projected into the future. We know that technology is now an integral part of the business world. Therefore, we are able to enlighten entrepreneurs both on the legal requirements of online business and on the electronic resources developed to facilitate the launch of a business.

Efficiency -  We are committed to performing the required research for our customers and answering their questions promptly. Our team has access to a wide range of resources, such as the services of the Société québécoise d´information juridique (SOQUIJ), allowing us to process each file efficiently and within the timeframe set with the client. Finally, a large volume of legal information is freely available on our platforms and is periodically reviewed by our team to ensure its accuracy.

Quality et rigor - We are committed to the success of our customers, which is why we have built a team of dedicated volunteers who have a strong interest in entrepreneurship and customer satisfaction. All documents sent to our clients are reviewed beforehand by graduate law students and supervised by volunteer lawyers. This rigorous internal review process allows us to ensure a high quality of the information that is communicated and thus meet customer needs.

Collaboration - Unity is strength. We partner with organizations that support our mission and share our vision and values.

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